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Peg looms are ideal for recycling unwanted material. 

Why not start your own project on a peg loom?

There hasn’t been a better time to get involved in sustainable fashion. Not only are you saving resources, cleaning up the planet, but we’re also shouting out about important environmental and moral issues that need to be addressed. Yay! Where did I put that recycled protest banner?

Following the Rana Plaza factory complex collapse in Bangladesh a few years ago, we talked about the London College of Fashion’s ‘Ethical Fashion Show’, but did you know how involved the high street is too? It just shows that with a little clout comes a lot of power, and isn’t it great to see it used so wisely? Good on them! It’s marvellous to know that they are responding to what the customer really wants and has so far been powerless to dictate – affordable clothes from ethical sources.

Image courtesy of The Guardian in association with H&M


Sustainable fashion at H&M

However, if you feel you’d like to learn more, we think these top recycling tips provide a good start and some informed guidelines.

When it comes to weaving, let your imagination soar – you can use all sorts of recycled fabrics, from cut up jeans, quilt covers to bin bags, really, the sky’s the limit! Check out your local charity shop and if you like the fabric but not the style, rip it up and start again! For all you quilters with an abundance of patchwork off cuts – don’t throw them away, get upcycling! We loved some of these ingenious and useful upcycling ideas. Peg loom weaving is a great tool when it comes to recycling. Use oddments of wool, strips of fabric, unspun fleece, plastic bags – almost anything. Relax and recycle to sustain your environment. A win – win situation…you look after yourself whilst helping the earth to take care of itself. One of our longest standing trade customers is CAT or Centre for Alternative Technology and we promote their mission to ‘inspire, inform, and enable’ people to live more sustainably.

 A trip to CAT makes for a fascinating and enjoyable day out for all ages. Nestled in the hills it overlooks the stunning Snowdonia National Park and is an absolute inspiration when it comes to sustainability. It truly reminds you of how much more we could and should be doing before it’s too late. A genuine investment to pass on to your grandchildren that’s really worth something!

As CAT sagely remarks:

Start quote...nothing could be more different and unique than hand-made textiles. Weaving your own textiles for use in clothing or furnishings is a rewarding and satisfying activity – with the added benefit of knowing that the whole process can be done just as well by hand, using almost no energy but your own!
End quote

And lastly, these interesting and uplifting recycling facts should help convince you that all your efforts really are worthwhile, so enjoy doing your bit for all of our futures!

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